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Property Inspectors: The Good, The Bad, and The Hero

Who to hire? By referral no doubt, no referrals? Here are a few tips based on what I have seen from all types of inspectors.

The Bad

Worse than The Good, but still manages to be less scraping than The Hero. A bad property inspector will show little to no care and attention to the hopeful home owners nor the inspection. They usually come wrapped in a discounted rate and fly in and out of a home which would typically take 2-3hrs, in an hour, but not without collecting their payment first. Tell tale signs for these guys are an in ability to communicate effectively over the phone or via email. They are often referred or marketed from a platform based on discounted rates.

The Hero

These guys come highly recommended, cost a little more, and do an excellent job of making their clients feel safe and secure. The downside: The Hero speculates, draws rash conclusions, eludes to disaster during inspection without having any discernable facts to back themselves up, they speculate and incite irrational fear. The inspector appears to be looking out for the buyer, but, the inspector will have a buyer pay for two or three inspections before they make a buyer feel secure in a purchase. By that time, what could have been one reasonable inspection, has become a $1,500 -$2,000, three home, affair. These folks are harder to discern, until you see them do the same thing over an over again. Luckily are rare. Your agent will likely have more experience with this.

The Good

They come referred, with a wealth of experience, are thorough, explaining who they are, how they are qualified, and the value they bring. Moderately priced, these folks will often include what The Hero charges extra for (Thermal Imaging) and spend twice as much time as The Bad for the same inspection. Common phases from these folks “typical for the year and build of this house in this area”, and its like the sound of music. They are sure to point out an inspection is a check against hazardous and expensive fixes not visible without inspection although usually the inspection results in an inventory of maintenance up and coming on the property. These folks are a-matter-of-fact and straight forward from the outset. These are much more common.

How to scrub out The Good, The Bad and The Hero? Send me a message, I’m happy to share a list of questions people can use to qualify any inspector and a list of inspectors my clients have been happy with.

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